The state of Colorado is an exceptional destination for van life travelers and one of our favorite places to visit. Its breathtaking landscapes are second to none and offer a wide range of natural wonders that cater to hiking and skiing. Colorado’s charm and charisma makes it irresistible.


Nestled deep within the picturesque Gunnison National Forest in Colorado lies a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. The name says it all. There is no way one can be in a bad mood when hiking the Oh-Be-Joyful Trail. We discovered the trail in a recreation area located just outside the charming town of […]


We traveled to Buena Vista, Colorado and spent time in the San Isabel National Forest in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area recently.  It was our first trip to this part of Colorado and we loved it.  While there, we learned it is called Collegiate Peaks area because many of the mountains over 14,000. Many of […]


We discovered the Black Canyon of Gunnison on a whim. Our travel style when we are on the road is nomadic. For some reason, we prefer spending short periods of time in a place. We attempt to discover the “best” hikes or activities from the local residents in the area we visit. Also, we like […]


The Stanley Mountain trail head is located at the top of Berthoud Pass on Highway 40 in the Arapaho National Forest. After the first mile, we were hiking above timberline. What a great way to enjoy the amazing mountain views of the Continental Divide in both directions! The most difficult section of our hike was […]


As luck would have it, we scheduled a trip to Colorado in mid-September. While we were planning the trip we didn’t even consider the fact this was peak season for the colorful turning of Aspen leaves. My, were we surprised and awestruck when we arrived at our destination near Georgetown. This was a perspective of […]


We love Arapaho National Forest in Colorado and have been there many, many times over the years. Our problem is, we can’t decide what season we love the best in the Rockies. Summer is beautiful with all the mountain flowers and sunshine. Fall is magical, especially when the Aspens are changing colors. Winter is wonderful […]

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Exploring Notch Trail in the Badlands National Park

Notch Trail in the Badland National Park is a 1.5-mile out-and-back hike that is loaded with adventure. It has some challenging sections, which include a ladder and walking ledge. Ultimately, the path points hikers to the “Notch” for a dramatic view of the Badlands. Meandering through the canyon to the overlook takes some physicality but…

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Castle Trail in the Badlands Might be the Best

While traveling through South Dakota on our way to Montana, we spent a couple of days at Badlands National Park. Considered the longest route in the park, the 10.3-mile out-and-back Castle Trail was definitely our favorite hike while we there. The overall elevation gain was only 305 feet, so it is relatively flat and considered…

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Badlands Nurtures a Good Ambience in a Harsh Terrain

Located in the southwest corner of South Dakota, the first impression of the Badlands reminded us of what Mars must look like. The rugged landscape stretched as far as the eye could see. For over a million years, Mother Nature had carved jagged rock formations and deep canyons in this place and we were there…

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