Arapaho National Forest Colorado Trip

We love Arapaho National Forest in Colorado and have been there many, many times over the years. Our problem is, we can’t decide what season we love the best in the Rockies. Summer is beautiful with all the mountain flowers and sunshine. Fall is magical, especially when the Aspens are changing colors. Winter is wonderful for skiing….we love to ski. And finally spring is glorious and wet as we hike on the melting trails.

We took Alice to Colorado late summer 2108. We were headed to Castle Rock, just south of Denver and happened to find Castle Wood Canyon State Park which is outside of Franktown. This State Park is a hidden gem and is a part of Colorado’s history of the Castlewood Canyon Dam. There are several trails in the Canyon and we hiked as the sun was setting and back the next morning as the sun was raising. We had the park to ourselves both times!

Castle Wood Canyon State Park

We then headed to Nederland, Eldora and Rollinsville area. As a child, Steve spent his summers in this area with his family so we love to go back and hike new and memorable trails. We did several hikes during our visit. We went to Brainard Lake and hiked to Mitchell Lake and Blue Lake, we saw 7 lakes on this trek and 6 Moose! They are huge, interesting animals.

Steve at Brainard Lake

I mentioned in an earlier blog that my first shower in Alice was in Colorado. Well, it was at the base of Brainard Lake and the view was breathtaking.

The next day we drove on Rollins Pass Road in St James Wilderness area and hiked to North and South Crater Lakes. This area was a perfect rest and lunch stop, but we were not finished. We decided to continue climbing and took a very precipitous trail up to Upper Crater Lake. It was one of my most challenging hikes, but as always, well worth the effort! There was also a second lake at the top. The climb down was more challenging then our climb up.

We love discovering and hiking this State so expect many more blogs about Colorful Colorado!

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