The Best Hikes in Sedona

Explore Sedona!

If you’re looking for outstanding hiking in an amazing part of the country, it’s hard to beat Sedona.

Below are stories we have exclusively posted on the best hikes in Sedona, Arizona. Click on the links below to learn specific details about these special places and our personal experiences along the way.


Cathedral Rock & the Scramble to the Top

The Cathedral Rock in Sedona is one of the area’s iconic landmarks. The sandstone butte emerges from a relatively flat section of uninteresting land. From a distance, it looks inviting but doesn’t seem that much different than other buttes in Arizona. As we got closer and stood at the base of the mesa, the towering […]

Devil’s Bridge Sunrise is Stunning

Sedona, Arizona has so many great hiking destinations it’s hard to decide what we enjoyed the most. For us, the 4 mile out-and-back Devil’s Bridge hike at sunrise was among our favorite. Considered the largest sandstone arch in the area, the natural bridge offers stunning views of Red Rock County. The trailhead is located off […]

The Subway off Boyton Canyon Trail is a Hidden Bonus

On an unmarked path, a natural rock formation called the “Subway” off Boyton Canyon Trail is a stunning natural feature. Interestingly, the site is one of the coolest places in Sedona but is not officially listed on area maps or brochures. Somehow, visitors […]

Sedona’s Fay Canyon Trail Has a Surprise or Two

Fay Canyon Trail is an easy 2.5-mile roundtrip hike in Sedona. It was the second hike of the day for us and we actually selected it because it was less challenging. Our expectation for the trail was modest. We thought it was a good way to add a few miles for exercise while seeing an […]

Chaos and Splendor – The Bear Mountain Hike

The day we hiked Bear Mountain was among the most memorable we experienced while in Sedona, Arizona. Our story starts with a near disaster and ends with a feeling of inspiration and awe. After a few days of visiting the area, we felt like we had seen the most popular and infamous landmarks. We decided […]

Jordan to Soldier Pass is a Good Intro to Sedona

Arriving to town mid-morning our eyes scanned the landscape with awe. The town and surrounding area were beautiful and inviting in every direction. After a quick stop at the visitor’s center to get our bearings and some regional maps, we chose the Jordan Trail to Soldier […]

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