About Us

Steve & Gail

You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

Wayne Gretzky

After 28 years of lake life, we sold our boat and purchased an RV Sprinter van we call Alice. Although we loved our boating experience, we are really excited to discover new places we have not seen before. We focus our travels in the United States and Canada, visiting National Parks and other points of interest.

How Did We Pick Our Name?

We knew we were embarking on a new adventure and were captivated by others on the internet who were living out their dreams on the road and living full-time or much of their time in a van or smaller RV.

We also knew we were choosing this lifestyle as our preferred way to spend our retirement years. In 2021, we retired on the same day, which allows us to spend more time on the road.

Our travel style is to generally know what direction we want to go or a final destination. We rarely make reservations anywhere so there is no telling where we will be along the way. This strategy allows us to stay flexible with our time and our routes.

We think this is the best way to travel to fully experience the country.

We update our blog to produce a continuous journal of our steps towards living the Van Life experience.

“Van Life” is the lifestyle we are choosing for our retirement.

“By Design” means we are purposely working to create a brand and identity that will be uniquely ours and hopefully be a roadmap for others who are also interested in travel and powering around the countryside in a home on wheels.

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