The Stanley Mountain Trail

The Stanley Mountain trail head is located at the top of Berthoud Pass on Highway 40 in the Arapaho National Forest. After the first mile, we were hiking above timberline. What a great way to enjoy the amazing mountain views of the Continental Divide in both directions!

The most difficult section of our hike was a steep section with switchbacks about 1.5 miles in. Once we climbed through that section, the rest of the hike leveled out and was pretty moderate.

Four hours earlier, we had left the parking lot we slept in at Burlington, Colorado. We drove straight to the Stanley Mountain trail from Burlington and started our hike. We did not allow time for our bodies adjust to the altitude. Generally, it was not a problem for us, but we did have to pace ourselves accordingly and catch our breathe occasionally.

Vasquez Peak Wilderness

Once the trail entered the Vasquez Peak Wilderness area we hiked along the ridge of the mountain stopping often to enjoy the spectacular views.

These type of hikes are my favorite. I love standing on the top of a mountain summit and hiking along a mountain ridge. It makes me feel happy, grounded and spiritual when I can turn 360 degrees and see grandeur in every direction.

The Stanley Mountain Trail is on our list of recommended hikes in Colorado. Parking is convenient, the hike has a rating of intermediate and the views are spectacular!

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      1. I didn’t know about this trail until I read your report. We have driven across Berthoud Pass in the winter more often than in the summer, as it offers access to a Nordic skiing area we like. The pass gets a lot of snow most years and is very popular with skiers and snowboarders. If they get high enough, they might enjoy some of the same views you had.

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