A Daily Dose of Hiking

Gail and I generally hike somewhere every day. Granted, if we are going through the neighborhood on our 3-mile route, we will call it a walk. Some might say it’s an Urban Hike. I call it putting one foot in front of the other.

Getting outside and trekking makes me feel happy. It’s good for my soul.

I started to research the science of hiking to prepare for this post, but who am I kidding? I’m no scientist and the information I found wasn’t that interesting, so here are my non-scientific observations.

The Mountaintop Hike

I’ve been hiking since I was a kid. My family liked to hike and we spent the summers in the late ’60s in Colorado on some of the most beautiful trails in the state.

This was the beginning of my inch; my passion for the hike.

Right or wrong, when I am in the middle of nowhere on a trail, I am driven with each step by the reward at the end. My favorite reward is reaching a mountain ridge or a summit.

Gail heading downhill after our summit on Byers Peak, Colorado

There is no better feeling to me then standing at the top and soaking in the 360 degree panoramic view. The reward is beyond words and I cannot get enough of these hikes.

Other benefits of these treks are the mountain flowers along the way and often an incredible encounter with a moose, mountain goat or elk.

Amazingly, I have never seen a bear in the wild and I think I like it that way.

The Dense Forest Hike

Unlike the mountaintop hike, the dense forest hike is appreciating the beauty as you go.

We usually like to march along the trail at a strong pace but we also have a willingness to stop and look deeper at the details of the forest when we see something of interest.

The deep forest hike often includes a river or waterway, a lake, a natural bridge or a waterfall. I count these as rewards.

The Desert Hike

The fun thing about hiking in the southwest is you get to climb on rocks or barren terrain. The rocks I am referring to are huge boulders you have to navigate as you try to stay on (or find) the intended route. We truly had an adventure on this hike in Nevada.

We hope to have more hiking experiences in Utah and the Grand Canyon in the future, but for now Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is the extent of our desert hiking.

The Beachfront Hike

The beaches we like to visit are those sandy water edges that are endless. We take off in one direction or the other watching for sea shells and marine critters.

Along the way, we are entertained by the families or couples spending the day in this salty environment. Our eyes drift from the water’s edge to the homes overlooking their paradise.

We often stride hand-in-hand and talk about our lives. Beachfront walks are good for dreaming and planning.

The Urban Hike

I might be pushing the envelop calling a walk in the neighborhood a hike, but hey, this is my blog and I can call it a hike if I want to.

These are our most common hikes and the primary purpose for us is exercise. However, there are benefits for walking other than getting sweaty!

These are the hikes we get to know each other.

I generally, do a lot of listening. Gail will discuss her work or who she talked to recently. We often talk about family and friends. Sometimes, we discuss our next trip in Alice.

To me, it doesn’t matter what we talk about. The important thing is I am spending time with Gail and I’m burning some calories along the way.

When we have time, we will drive to another neighborhood or an interesting part of town to break the monotony of our routine.

The Hike’s Bottom Line

Whether scientific or arbitrary, my daily dose of hiking is one of the things in my toolbox of life that keeps me positive and hopeful. A hike gives me a feeling of accomplishment and wanting more.

Some people like to create art, others like to hunt, fish or golf.

My passion is the next hike.

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