Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon is Awesome

The Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon is one of our favorite places and we found it on a fluke.

Traveling on Utah scenic byway 95W, we pulled into a service station for fuel and supplies in Hanksville. As it turned out, this stop changed the course of our day.

Talking to locals, we learned we were in an area that offered the type of hikes and points of interests we like to visit. Among the suggestions given, Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon was at the top of the list.

Fortunately for us, we had no agenda and changing course to stop at the trailhead was an easy decision. Neither Gail or I had ever hiked through a slot canyon before so we jumped at the chance to visit the site. It was another “first” we could share together and it was only 24 miles away!

Our First Slot Canyon Hike

We arrived about 10AM. The time was later than we normally start a hike because we like to arrive early to avoid the crowds. We were relieved when we pulled in and the parking lot was not full.

We quickly found a place to park and took our time pulling our gear together. Thirty minutes later, we were at the mouth of the slot canyon and entered into its ever narrowing path.

We were in awe of the canyon. It was new and massive to us. As we walked along, it seemed that there was a photo opportunity every thirty feet.

The beauty of the canyon was immediately apparent. The morning light illuminated through the narrow pathway providing various shadowing and lighting effects. The slot canyon was stunning.

Gail and I took about ninety pictures. We couldn’t stop clicking the shutter!

We will always remember Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon for being the first slot canyon we had ever visited and it’s magical beauty. If you are traveling Utah, we definitely recommend this hike.

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4 thoughts on “Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon is Awesome

    1. We loved the slot canyons! They are so interesting and beautiful. Luckily, if you do ever do a trip to Utah you will find Arches and slot canyons in a day’s drive from each other.

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