Underground Storage for Alice

Where do we store Alice when we are not using her? Alice is big and tiny at the same time. She is about 7 feet wide which is about the width of a large pickup truck. She is 24 feet long so she is too long for many normal parking spaces and about 11 feet tall. Finding a space to park or store her when we are not traveling can be challenging at times.

Putting Alice away after one of our trips.

We live in the Kansas City area and have access to underground storage or the caves as we call it. Yes, we store Alice in a cave! I mentioned this to friends recently who live out of state and they had a hard time picturing what I was referring to. Let me show you.

The outside of the caves
Driving inside the cave
This is the reception area; they will put Alice back in her spot in the storage area

Underground storage has many benefits: It is climate controlled (60-65 degrees so we do not have to winterize her). The cave has 24 hour safe and secure access and it protects Alice from the harsh weather and damaging sunlight. It really helps keep Alice looking new and fresh.

We have used this storage facility for over 20 years as we used to store our boat at the same location. People from all over the US and even some from other countries store their toys in this facility.

We just call ahead, and Alice is waiting for us in the “reception” area when we arrive. We can leave a car there too and it will be put in storage while we are away. We are so happy to have a safe secure place to keep Alice! Thanks InnerSpace Storage!

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