Cadillac Ranch is a Spray Painter’s Paradise

If you’re looking for a roadside attraction that perfectly captures the quirky side of Texas, look no further than the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. The iconic installation features classic Cadillacs that are buried nose-first in an open field. It’s a bizarre sight that has been attracting visitors for over 45 years.

After seeing pictures of Cadillac Ranch on social media, the formation was a required stop for Gail and me.

The morning we arrived, the February weather was less than ideal. The cold wind blew relentlessly and the temperatures were frigid.

Based on the number of visitors there, it was apparent to us that most people don’t visit Cadillac Ranch on the coldest day of the year! Of course, we chose to ignore the conditions and quickly walked across the field to see the unique local art.

At first, the Cadillac Ranch reminded us of our visit to Carhenge of the Prairie in Alliance, Nebraska. There, the classic automobiles are buried in the ground simulating the famous Stonehenge in England.

However, there is one major difference between the two places. Unlike Carhenge of the Prairie, many visitors at Cadillac Ranch bring cans of spray paint with them.

Spraying personalized graffiti on the Cadillacs is part of the fun for some. As a result, the buried car bodies change daily with the constant layers of new paint. We opted out of the paint ritual and came empty-handed but we did see others carrying cans in their favorite colors.

Those people left their mark on the cars regardless of the wintery weather conditions.

Interestingly, although all the cars are Cadillacs, there is so much paint build-up on them it is hard to know what you are looking at. We could not identify the vintage of any car even though they range from the 1940s to the 1960s. However, the uniqueness of the place is one of a kind and we are happy we saw it. Whether you’re a car buff or just appreciate urban art, virtually everyone will enjoy visiting this colorful oddity.

Cadillac Ranch Summary

Overall, the formation is a must-see attraction for anyone traveling through Amarillo or the surrounding area. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of roadside strangeness. Many times, the most memorible experiences are those found off the beaten path. This is certainly true for the Cadillac Ranch.

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    1. It’s interesting that strange landmarks like this are located throughout the USA. They are fun to find and visit. People expressing themselves in creatives ways is alive and well!

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