Each Step on Watkins Glen Gorge Trail is Stunning

A few years ago, a friend gave us recommendations for places to see in upstate New York. Of all her suggestions, she was adamant about experiencing the Watkins Glen Gorge Trail in the Finger Lakes Region. Wow! What a great suggestion!

The main entrance of the Watkins Glen State Park Gorge Trail

Watkins Glen State Park

If you only have time or ambition to hike one gorge in your lifetime, Watkins Glen is the one to do. The 1.5 mile (one way) hike is the perfect blend of mother nature’s grace and landscape architectural design existing in harmony. The steps, bridges and passageways through the gorge compliment the natural flow of waterways, springs and waterfalls.

Every step of the Watkins Glen Gorge Trail is stunning.

The Wow Factor of the Gorge Trail

Gail and I actually hiked this gorge twice. The first time was mid afternoon on the day we arrived. We decided to camp at the Watkins Glen State Park campground overnight. After getting checked in and our site setup, we opted to go for a hike. The gorge trail was about a half mile from the campground and we instintively went in that direction.

Once we found the trail, we knew Watkins Glen was something special.

On most of our hikes, we maintain a fairly fast pace. Not on this trail. We stopped often becasue we did not want to miss any detail. My camera stayed in my hand and ready each time we turned a corner. Needless to say, we were in awe.

The next morning, I wanted to go back to the gorge to take pictures. My plan was to go early and beat the crowds so I could have images of the waterfalls without people in them. Gail wanted to take her morning run on the trail.

With Gail going one direction and me in another, our second time on the trail was as magical as the first time we walked it.

Thirty days into our trip traveling through the New England states, Watkins Glen remains as one of the highlights along the way. New York state has many beautiful places to visit and much to do. We highly recommend visiting this beautiful park any time you are in the area.

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