A Morning on the Goat Bluff Trail

Although we enjoy all of the hikes we do, once in a while we encounter a trail that is inspiring. The morning hike we took on the Goat Bluff Trail rose to the occasion. It will rank as one of our favorite and memorable treks in recent years.

This trail has eluded us for a while. On our many trips to Arkansas we have prioritized other hikes to see beautiful waterfalls, mysterious caves and incredible rock formations. We always pushed the Goat Bluff Trail out for “another trip”.

Located near Compton, Arkansas hikers start the adventure at the Centerpoint Trailhead. Off this trail are several other paths that adventures can take. One of those trails is the Goat Bluff Trail.

As a word of caution, the park service does not maintain the Goat Bluff Trail. It is a potentially dangerous hike and clearly marked. Of course, that doesn’t stop people from taking it. However, we do not recommend this hike for families with small kids or adults uncomfortable with heights.

Everyone else should go and soak in the experience.

Shortly after taking the fork off the Centerpoint Trail to the bluff, we knew this hike was something special. The path runs along the face of a rock bluff overlooking the Buffalo River and the views from the trail are spectacular.

During the summer months, the Buffalo River is a favorite place for canoe and kayak enthusiasts. The river water is emerald in color and clear as it meanders its way by rocky bluffs and Ozark mountains.

Our visit to this place was a morning in early March. The river was quiet and we had the trail to ourselves. Unlike other hikes we take, we took our time on this trail because we knew it was something special.

The Goat Bluff Trail is a beautiful place in the Ozark mountains. We have pledged to return to it. The next time we visit the trail may be a fall hike when we can take in the view of the amazing fall foliage along the river beds.

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  1. I have a blogging friend in the Ozarks, Madison Woods. I’d love to visit sometime! Hopefully we’ll all be traveling again soon! Thanks for the tour!

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