100 Things We’ve Learned After 30-Years of Marriage

We have had the pleasure of being married for 30 years. In that time, we have learned many lessons about life and about each other. We put together a list that reflects what we have done to stay committed and to grow deeper in love over the past three decades.

Our Top 100 List

1.    Wake up happy

2.    Exercise before breakfast

3.    Make time to kiss

4.    Check pockets before throwing our pants in the washer

5.    Make daily lists and work until the list is complete

6.    Live within our means

7.    Be truly interested in others

8.    Meet a friend or interesting person wherever we go

9.    Laugh out loud

10.  Expect the best in others

11.  Get out of our comfort zone to learn new things

12.  Eat fruit and vegetables daily

13.  Work as a team when doing yard work

14.  Slow dance when the song is right

15.  Don’t step on a person’s toes

16.  Own a dog and treat them like family

17.  Home cooking is better than restaurant food

18.  Save for retirement

19.  When we fail, try again

20.  Drink plenty of water

21.  Surround ourselves with positive people

22.  Be a friend to our spouse

23.  Pack your bag a day ahead of an overnight trip

24.  Turn off lights when leaving a room

25.  The appropriate time to swear is when technology does not work

26.  Own inside shoes and outside shoes

27.  Replace our running and hiking shoes regularly

28.  Purchase clothes that have multiple discounts

29.  Learn by listening

30.  Take up a new hobby

31.  Master an old hobby

32.  Live debt free

33.  Travel to new places

34.  Be patient with one another

35.  Never watch horror or Sci-Fi movies

36.  Be willing to laugh at ourselves

37.  Use sunscreen

38.  Compromise

39.  Go for a hike

40.  Moving is better than sitting

41.  Be romantic

42.  Forgive often

43.  Call family members regularly

44.  It’s better to be outdoors than indoors

45.  Let ice cream slightly melt before eating 

46.  Eat spinach regularly

47.  Wash your bed sheets and bath towels weekly

48.  Take a nap on Sunday

50.  Be a teacher

51.  Own a boat and use it

52.  Own an RV and use it

53.  Be honest and trustworthy

54.  Open the windows when the outdoor temperature is between 58-68 degrees

55.  Help someone in need

56.  Stand up for yourself when you should

57.  Take the time to read all our receipts 

58.  Challenge merchants who overcharge us

59.  Send romantic or flirting text messages to each other in the middle of a work day

60.  Wear a helmet when we ride a bike

61.  Go to a play or musical a couple times per year

62.  Invest in comfortable outdoor furniture

63.  Own a house with a private backyard

64.  Be a good neighbor

65.  Vote

66.  Do our best at our jobs

67.  Mentor someone

68.  When clothes shopping with hubby, try on whatever he picks out

69.  Give lots of hugs

70.  It’s okay to snort when you laugh

71.  Wake up early

72.  Light candles routinely

73.  Remember birthdays and send cards

74.  Respect and support each other’s passions

75.  We chose our love and we love our choice

76.  Don’t eat white bread

77.  Don’t eat fast food

78.  Experience New York City

79.  Look for sea shells on a beach

80.  Walk the ridge of a mountain

81.  Drive the 2-lane roads when on a road trip

82.  Play in the snow

83.  Eat meat

84.  Be accountable 

85.  Support the local Farmer’s Market

86.  Support local businesses

87.  Spoil the grand-kids

88.  Archive family photos

89.  Maintain a diary

90.  Honk the horn at rude drivers

91.  Fluff the pillow each morning

92.  Know when to say you’re sorry

93.  Don’t take each other for granted

94.  Love our in-laws

95.  Own a pair of Carhart overalls

96.  Walk to the custard store so we burn some of the calories we consume

97.  Be a back seat driver when our spouse drives

98.  Be committed

99.  Give joyfully

100. Love effortlessly

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