Our Hike In Medicine Bow National Forest

Just off I-80, East of Laramie, Wyoming is a section of the Medicine Bow National Forest called Pole Mountain. 

After driving the prior evening and all day from Kansas City, we were ready for an activity. We decided to stop since we could see Pole Mountain from the highway.  It turned out to be a wonderful spontaneous adventure.

These high desert hills conceal a wealth of surprises. From secret fishing holes, to lush woods, and to striking granite formations, visitors to the area can find a variety of activities to do in the park.

The rock formations are a result of millions of years of harsh weather. Created by erosion, they give the illusion of individual boulders stacked perfectly on top of one another.

The Turtle Rock Trail in the Medicine Bow National Forest

The Medicine Bow National Forest covers millions of acres in Colorado and Northeastern Wyoming. The forests, grasslands, and rare rock formations provide unique natural beauty for visitors.

Turtle Rock Trail

We hiked the 3 mile Turtle Rock Trial which looped around a huge granite rock mountain and formation.

Alas! We learned a new word on this hike. There were signs that said rock-climbing and “bouldering” at your own risk.  Bouldering was the word we were not familiar with. However, Steve realized he has been bouldering since he was a kid!

The hike went through forests, around boulders and on top of huge rocks. 

We would say it was a moderate hike as there were no significant inclines or descents.  Some people were climbing to the top of the formation although the trail did not naturally go there. 

We recommend the Medicine Bow National Forest to other travelers.  In addition to hiking, there was camping, picnicking, roads for biking, rock-climbing and of course bouldering!

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