Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

Apostle Islands has been on our list of places to visits for several years. We lived in McFarland, Wisconsin (just south of Madison) for 3 years and we spent our weekends traveling to many different parts of this beautiful state. However, we never made it all the way up North to the Apostle Islands. This National Shore Line became one of our first travel destinations in Alice.

The Apostle Islands are a group of 22 islands in Lake Superior, off the Bayfield Peninsula in northern Wisconsin.  The scenery, rock formations, sea caves, historic lighthouses, and shoreline of the Apostle Islands National Lake Shore are breathless.

We enjoyed some hiking, driving along the shoreline, visiting Madeline Island and an amazing kayak trip along the caves and rock formations.  The day we kayaked was very special because the waves and wind were very minimal which allowed us to kayak into some of the caves that are usually not accessible due to limited head clearance.

Our pictures and video are the best way to explain this rare experience.  We went in several caves while laying our heads down on the top of our kayaks and paddling with our hands.  We went under waterfalls and went deep within a crevice (which was a little scary) along the rock shoreline.

Madeline Island is the largest island and is the location of the town of La Pointe. We took the Ferry across and enjoyed the day biking and discovering the island. Our favorite place to eat was at a little local restaurant, Farmhouse, where we enjoyed the best brunch of bacon and herb waffles!

While you are near the Apostle Islands, make the trip to Cornucopia, WI.  It is the northern most (tiny) town in Wisconsin and has it’s own Post Office. 

We also made a stop at the family owned Halverson Fish Market. They have been in business for 3 generations and their fish is fresh and delicious.  Stock up while you are there and watch 3 generations process and fillet the fish when to boat comes in. Amazing!

This area is very beautiful and there are interesting sites and activities for all. We highly recommend the Apostle Islands and the region as a travel destination.

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