Richie Hollow Trail to Snooper Rock is a Good Hike

Richie Hollow Trail to Snoop Rock is a beautiful and challenging hike in Tennessee. Located in the Prentice Cooper State Forest the trail offers stunning views and a 30-foot waterfall. It is a 4-mile one way route (8-miles round trip) with over 1,450 feet of elevation gain. The trail quietly winds through lush forests, rocky terrain, and babbling creeks.

This was our first Tennessee hike since we visited the Great Smokey Mountain National Park a few years ago. It felt good to be back in the state.

The first part of the trail was a gradual uphill climb through the woods on a cool and comfortable morning. The spring flowers and blooming trees were beginning their annual ritual in every imaginable color. The hardwood trees, ferns and underbrush of the forest were vivid green.

Blowing Winds Falls

About 1.5-miles into the hike we could hear the roaring sound of a serious waterfall. A short distance later, the sign pointing the way to the Blowing Winds Falls verified what our ears were telling us.

We followed the path in the direction of the sign down a steep and rocky incline to the falls. On one hand we were in a hurry to get to the water – on the other hand, it was prudent to slowly navigate downhill.

When we arrive at the base of the falls, we looked up at the endless flow of water falling 30-feet to the calm pool below. The waterfall screamed to be photographed. Of course, I felt obliged by it and pulled out my camera to attempt to capture its magnificence in a digital image.

Snooper Rock

A short jaunt later, we came to a fork in the trail and turned toward Snooper Rock. Interestingly, Snooper Rock got its name in prohibition times. In those days, law enforcement would stand on the overlook and survey the valley for signs of distilleries in the woods.

Once we reached the exposed rock ledge, we were rewarded by an unobstructed view of the Tennessee river valley. We found a place to sit at the rock’s edge and ate our lunch looking at the scene with great interest and appreciation for nature’s gifts.

Overall, the Richie Hollow Trail to Snooper Rock is challenging but rewarding. It’s a perfect way to spend a day in nature. The trail offers a workout, stunning views, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy some of the best beauty Tennessee has to offer.

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