Life Flows Like a Stream

Life flows like a stream. When I walk next to a stream, it reminds me of life. I look at the moving water as an analogy with its twists, turns, and uncertainties along the way.

It is amazing how streams are so different, as is our journey in life.  Some streams start small and change course many times. (i.e the mighty Mississippi River in Lake Itasca, Minnesota) Others run straight and direct.

Gail wading in the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River at Lake Itasca, Minnesota

As in life, the flow and the intensity of the water changes. Some sections of the journey are tranquil and quiet whereas other sections are chaotic.  Sometimes the turbulence can be predicted with the change in terrain or noise of the water. You can sense that a change is eminent. Other times the turmoil catches one totally off guard. 

Turbulence to Calm

Water Fall in New Hampshire

The change from calm waters to rapids can be hard to navigate.

It can be difficult to see a safe path to take.   

Isn’t life similar? Life can have moments of comfort and routine.   Life can also experience times of trials and turbulence.  As with streams, life can be challenging with its changes and flow.

Great opportunities can be disguised as seemingly impossible situations.  These adversities and challenges can lead to new possibilities.  After a powerful waterfall, many streams have quiet pools of calm waters. These magnificent pools can represent new beginnings.

The moving water looks completely different, yet it’s the same stream with a new reality.

Calm stream at West Fork Oak Creek, Arizona

When the tranquil sections are reached, one knows they survived the trials and hardships. The calm waters can provide comfort and peace as the journey of life continues.

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