The Impromptu Wedding in the Flint Hills

The fun thing about being on the road is stumbling onto the unexpected. These moments can be highlights of any road trip. The impromptu wedding in the Flint Hills of Kansas was one of those times for us.

While traveling west on I-70 we decided to stop at an overlook and watch the sunset. There were other people who were also enjoying the moment including a teenager who was playing a ukulele.

What a perfect instrument to listen to when the sun is going down!

The Unexpected

I have never been able to master photographing sunsets, but that wasn’t stopping me from trying. I had my tripod set up and was working with different lens and various camera settings to capture the glorious scene of glowing light in front of me.

Gail sat quietly and patiently enjoying the sunset with me while I worked.

Unexpectedly, a young man approached the small group of people standing there with us. He bashfully announced that he and his finance were going to get married on the hilltop at that moment! Concerned he would disrupt us, he was really asking for our permission to have the ceremony.

“Of course! It’s a perfect time and place for a wedding. You will not bother us at all”, we all replied.

The couple was only accompanied by a minister and a friend. As I watched, I noticed no one was recording the moment or taking pictures. Instinctively, I started clicking away on my camera. Because I had all of my lens with me, I pulled out a zoom lens so I could take photographs from a distance without disturbing the proceedings.

I did not know at the time whether I was doing them a favor by documenting the night or not. I was concerned they wanted their privacy but kept on shooting.

After they were done, I approached them and told them what I had done and showed them the pictures. Luckily, they didn’t mind at all! We quickly exchanged email addresses so I could send them copies of the pictures and everyone went on their way.

Gail and I often think about the couple we do not know and hope they are living happy lives together. We will never forget them or their wedding in the Flint Hills at sunset.

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