TEAM USA Women’s Slow Pitch Softball

We had the exciting opportunity of watching TEAM USA Women’s Slow Pitch Softball Border Battle XI Tournament this past weekend against Canada and other competitive woman’s teams.  The games were located in Midland, Michigan, which is 12 hours from our home.

Although, it was a long drive for us over a short weekend, we decided to find our way to the games and cheer Team USA to victory.

We debated driving our car to the tournament but ultimately decided Alice was our best option. By driving the van, we could sleep wherever we wanted and had food with us versus eating out every meal.

Alice decked out in support of the team!

The women on the team are skilled and amazing athletes.  They are true experts in the sport of softball and they truly made their fielding and hitting look so easy.

This is the second year our daughter-in-law has played for Team USA and we were stoked to have the opportunity to support her and the other women on the team. It was an exciting weekend!

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