Spring in the Smoky Mountains

We visited the Smoky Mountains in the spring when the forest was coming to life. During our stay, the renewed plant life in the forest introduced me to more shades of green than I had ever seen in one place.

It’s interesting what one notices when visiting a new place. Who would have thought the color green could make a big impact? Not me.

The Smoky Mountains must be the most perfect environment for moss because it covers rocks and tree roots like carpet. In addition to the moss, thriving plants of seemingly every variety blend together a tapestry of layered beauty and tranquility.

As if this were not enough, Mother Nature also thought it wise to pepper in wild flowers to her tapestry to give the forest bed more depth and richness.

As a photographer, I do not recall being drawn to capture pictures of flowers or plant life before. However, in the Smoky Mountains the plants had my undivided attention. What I quickly realized was a perfected photo of a flower is an art. It’s harder than it looks!

Never the less, I was motivated to give it try.

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