Monument Rocks

Unlike anywhere else in Kansas that I know of, the Monument Rocks are chalk towers that rise imposingly from the otherwise flat prairie.

Located about 25 miles south of Oakley on Highway 83 and a few miles east on a gravel road, the formations sit on private land. The public is welcome to visit the site but the property owner has some basic guidelines for visitors to follow including no rock climbing or bonfires.

Fortunately, Gail and I were able to visit these limestone towers without breaking any rules!

The formations were underwater some 200 million years ago. Although it was hot and dry the day we were there, we were told you can sometimes find fossils or sharks teeth at this location after a big rainstorm.

The most famous fossil found at Monument rocks is a fish within a fish fossil that is currently on display at the Sternberg Museum in Hays.

The Monument Rock area is listed as one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas and is a National Landmark because of the highly eroded rock shapes and spires created over time in these chalk beds.

For those meandering through Kansas or adventure travelers looking for an interesting pit stop, Monument Rocks National Landmark is a great diversion.

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7 thoughts on “Monument Rocks

  1. These are gorgeous. If you ever travel west on US Hwy 24 again, try to visit the Paint Mines near Calhan. They might not be as tall as the Monument Rocks, but their color scheme is amazing.

  2. Amazing!!!! Shame that we are so far away from the USA but who knows…. perhaps one day we can take 3 or 4 months off work….. 🙂

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