February Ho-Hums

What do bloggers do to bridge the gap when their main topic is in pause mode?

The pace of our posts lately are reminiscent of a sign we saw this summer alerting drivers to watch out for turtles crossing the road!

We were warned when we started our blog that writers block would inevitably set in. Here we are… Our problem is we are struggling with maintaining a travel and lifestyle blog when we aren’t traveling right now.

Gail and I don’t travel full-time or year round as we are still fully engaged in our careers. Our sprinter van, Alice has been in storage since December and we are hunkered down at home until the cold weather breaks.

What we are doing while the snow melts is planning our travel schedule for 2019.

Currently, our plans include a trip to the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee , a long weekend at Devil’s Den, Arkansas in the spring and a trip to the Grand Teton National Park in the summer months.

We are also kicking around the possibility of going to the Rowe Sanctuary near Kearney, Nebraska to watch and photograph the migrating Sandhill Cranes in early spring.

A Colorado trip, likely in the fall, is also in planning stages.

We will fill in the gaps in our calendar as the year goes on and make decisions on the run as we like to do. In the meantime, we will knock off a few posts that might be off topic a bit.

2 thoughts on “February Ho-Hums

  1. I use this time to plan other trips, catch up on my editing or string a collection of events that didn’t quite make a whole blog.
    Reminiscing maybe of things before van life.
    Maybe the kind of food you cook while traveling maybe a help to others.
    I’m still catching up on all your blogs so maybe you have covered some of these topics.

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