Running for Scones

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE to run. I also love to eat scones.

When we lived in McFarland, Wisconsin, I would run many days with my amazing friend and runner Anne. (Anne is a wonderful running coach, you can find her at Pace Perfect).

On the weekends when Anne and her family would go to the lake I was on my own for my Saturday long run. My routine was to run from home to “Willy Street” in Madison to buy the perfect scone.

The bakery shop happened to be exactly 10 miles from our home, so, before the sun came up, I would start my run and head to Madison.

Steve and I had it timed pretty good because he was always there on Willy Street to pick me up after my run and after the purchase of a fresh, warm, delicious berry scone. He would then drive me back home where I would eat my well deserved treat on our back porch.

Since we no longer live in Wisconsin, I am trying to learn how to bake the perfect scone…well, that is going to be a long journey.

We have eaten lots of scones as I try and try to remake this perfect after run treat.

I am not there yet, so I know I have many more scones ahead of me. Maybe that is why I love to or must continue to run!

Blueberry Scones with Oatmeal (trying to make them healthier!)