Our 1,500 Mile Weekend

We left home Friday morning at 4:00 AM and 12 hours later we were in  Boise, Idaho in Alice (our RV Sprinter Van) headed back to Kansas City.  We had just bought Alice, had our one hour introduction to our first RV and were ready to get on the road.  We had 1,500 miles to cover before work on Monday morning.

We had packed 2 suitcases and were glad they both arrived in Boise when we did.  In one suitcase we stored our clothes and in the other were our blankets and bedding for our two nights on the road.

During the first 50 or so miles I was petrified.  Steve was driving and doing a great job but I was just scared with our huge windshield and all the cars swarming around us.  After a while, the traffic began to thin and I calmed down.


The route we decided to take was Boise to Ogden, Utah to Laramie, Wyoming, down to Fort Collins, Colorado, South to Denver then home to Kansas City.  The hardest part of the trip was driving past all the BEAUTIFUL sights that we wanted to explore but did not have time for.  We did stop at Malad Gorge State Park in Hagerman, Idaho and promised ourselves to go back to Wyoming the summer of 2019.


Our first night we spent at a Pilot Gas station in Ogden, we were exhausted after driving from 4:00 pm-11:00 pm. The second night, we upgraded and spent the night in a KOA in Strasburg, Colorado (30 miles E of Denver).

We made it home on Sunday afternoon after a sunny drive across Colorado and Kansas.  We had successfully made it home with Alice, we were now the proud owners of our tiny RV!

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